Facts to be known of Narendra Modi

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Full name : Narendra Damodardas Modi 
Born : 17th sep, (1950) 
age : 63 
Parents :  Heeraben, Damodardas Mulchand Modi
Political party : BJP ( baratiya janata party)
Official website :www.narendramodi.in


He was the third of six children born to Damodardas Mulchand Modi and his wife, Heeraben. As a child, he helped his father sell tea  in the Vadnagar railway station and on trains.  When he was a child, he was involved in theatre and he later incorporated his theatre experiences to sell politics and to stand out from crowd while giving speeches.
As a teenager, Modi ran a tea stall with his brother near a bus terminus. He completed his schooling in Vadnagar, where a teacher described him as being an average student, but a keen debater.Modi was a fan of RAJESH KANNA, and Modi's style of wearing half-sleeved knee-length kurtas and delivering speeches is inspired by the actor

Modi became the General Secretary of the BJP and was transferred to New Delhi where he was assigned responsibility for the party's activities in Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. After Vaghela, who had threatened to break away from BJP in 1995, defected from the BJP after he lost the 1996 Lok Sabha elections, Modi was promoted to the post of National Secretary of the BJP in 1998.
 While selecting candidates for the 1998 state elections in Gujarat, Modi favored people who were loyal to Patel over those loyal to Vaghela, helping to put an end to the factional divisions within the party. His strategies were credited as being key to winning the 1998 elections.


In 2001, Keshubhai Patel's health was failing, and the BJP had lost seats in the by-elections. Allegations of abuse of power, corruption and poor administration were being made, and Patel's standing had been damaged by his administration's handling of the Bhuj Earthquake of 2001. As a result, BJP's national leadership sought a new candidate for the office of chief minister, and Modi, who had aired his misgivings about Patel's administration, was chosen as a replacement.


Due to his popularity and image in people he is predicted to be 2014 PM of india. competing kejrival and Rahul gandhi in the path. His continuous winning of election as CM of gujarat also adding much weight to the statement . In three opinion polls conducted by news agencies and magazines in May 2013, Narendra Modi was declared the most popular choice for Prime Minister in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

In September 2013, Nielsen and The Economic Times published results of a poll of 100 Indian corporate leaders - 74 of them wanted Modi to be the next prime-minister, compared to 7 whose preference was Rahul Gandhi

10 facts to know about Narendra Modi 

10) Relationship status :

The biggest mystery of Narendra Modi’s life is his relationship status. The world knows him as a ‘bachelor’ but it has been contested by some of his critics who point out that he was once married to ‘Jashodaben’. A magazine published a story in 2009 that claimed Jashodaben to be Modi’s wife.
The veracity of all these stories are yet to be fully ascertained as Narendra Modi has never tried to present his side of story on this matter.
According to another popular story about Modi’s marriage, he got married during his childhood. It was a child marriage and Modi never met his wife again as the ‘second marriage (Gauna)’ never happened because Modi got attracted to RSS by that time and decided to remain bachelor for the rest of his life. It is said that his wife also took the vow of remaining single for the rest of her life. 

9) Patriotism :

Narendra Modi is a patriot since childhood. During Indo-Pak war of 1965, Modi, as a 15 year old boy, volunteered to serve the soldiers in transit at the railway stations. Similarly, in 1967 at an age of 17 years, he served the flood affected people of Gujarat.

8) Modi's caste and interest towards Sadhuism:

 Modi was born in an OBC family of grocers in Vadnagar of Gujarat.
 Modi wanted to become a sanyasi when he was a child. In fact, he was always fascinated with Sadhus, different forms of worship and meditation. He ran away from home after completing his school education. He visited many places including Ramkrishna Ashram of Belur in West Bengal. Finally, he reached Himalayas and wandered aimlessly and stayed with unknown but yogic Sadhus for months.After two years of wandering in Himalayas without money and with two pairs of clothes, he suddenly decided to give up ‘Sanyas’ life and returned home.

7) Tea stall :

After returning from Himalayas, Modi ran a tea stall with his brother at the State Transport Office in Ahmedabad. Modi sold tea for many years. That was the time when Modi learnt what hardship really meant. It made him more determined and resolute in his approach towards life.

6) Preference:

Narendra Modi is very particular about his appearance in public. He prefers trimmed beard and hair. As for his clothes, his favourite cloth store used to be Jade Blue of Ahmedabad. He ensures that he looks elegant whenever he moves out.

5) Course in US :

Narendra Modi has done a three-month course in US on public relations and image management. This could be one reason why he has succeeded in positioning himself as one of the most affable and sought after politicians in India. 

4) Affection towards Mother :

Narendra Modi adores his mother and never forgets to take her blessings whenever he undertakes any new initiative- political or otherwise. In fact, she is his only closest relation. He has got all traditional virtues of an Indian man. He  is a teetotaler. He doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke. He is a complete vegetarian. In nut-shell, he is miles away from even minor vices.

3) Indian women respect towards Modi : 

Women all over India and cutting over age bracket adore Modi. In his home state, he is seen as a ultra symbol among women. A close look at his public meetings makes it abundantly clear that women outnumber men among attendees. Analysts say this is mainly because of his emperor like image exuding absolute power and authority. 

2) Writer and Poet :

 Modi is a prolific writer and poet.He writes in Gujarati language and his favourite topics include life and teachings of Hindutva icons. Narendra Modi is a big fan of Swami Vivekananda. His most recent election campaign was christened as ‘Vivekanand Yuva Vikas Yatra’.

1) hatred towards Modi: 

Narendra Modi is not liked by the sister organisations of BJP like ‘VHP’ and ‘Bajrang Dal’. The hatred is so intense that ‘sangh parivar’ outfits are said to be working tirelessly to overthrow his government in upcoming assembly elections.


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